When I decided to write my book, a combination of fear and intelligence led me to interview teachers who know way more than me. Whether from wisdom, too many years of getting hurt, insight or a combination of all the above, each of these teachers has learned the power of self-acceptance. And in helping me to overcome my own self-doubts, they taught me to give myself a break now and then. These conversations, conducted over a two year period took place in a variety of settings. While each one will give you wonderful insights into these teachers’ humanity, I believe they will also set you on the road to appreciating your own.

The interviews began with Erich Schiffmann and Saul Raye The day I was to meet with each of them, I was filled with dread…The book was just a pipe dream, it’s ideas only partially formed. I sat in a parking lot not far from Saul’s house. I kept trying to come up with an excuse for cancelling…But thankfully i didn’t

Saul welcomed me, we sat outside and here’s what happened:

Erich took me to his studio, where we set up his hi tech video system and also videotaped the can watch the whole thing here: or excerpts on Erich’s website:

I met Paul Grilley at the beginning of a cross country road trip I took while in midst of writing. His thoughts and reflections kept me company for 3000 miles

I met Sarah and Ty Powers at their home…Given their hectic schedules, I was so appreciative of Sarah taking the time to spend with me. We settled in and had a wonderful chat.

I met Nischala Devi while she was embroilled in lots of worldly hassles. Her calmness in what might otherwise have been considered a storm was remarkable.

Anne Cushman juggles life as a single mom, author and head of Spriit Rock’s Yoga & Miindfullness Teacher Training program. She took some time out from her zany schedule to share her thoughts:

Jill Satterfield was deep in the throes of house hunting in New York when we met…An onerous task at any time, I was so impressed how she could put aside the crisis at hand and share her perspective with me.

Was Thomas was retiring after 25 years of heading up Commonweal’s yoga program…HIs reflections on his years were an unexpected surprise during our interview

Rodney Yee and his wife, Coleen Saidman, took some time during a Yoga Journal conference to chat with me

Richard Freemen met me between prior committments on very short notice. But once we were together, i had his complete attention for a fascinating interview

Richard Rosen invited me into his wiriting studio when i visited. Though we had never met, but the time I left two hours later, i felt like we were old friends..That relationship has only built more and more over the ensuing years.

Leslie Kaminoff and I met in typical New York fashion: first in the quiet of his office, then over a quick meal at his favorite sushi spot

Gary Kraftsow had just moved from Hawaii and had workers crawling over his new home in the SF Bay Area. He put those affairs aside, and focused clearly and directly on my questions.

“I try to stop thinking
but nothing happens.”
—Curly Howard* The Three Stooges