On these pages you will come to understand the statement: “If it were easy, they wouldn’t call it practice.”  Have you ever heard someone say they were doing meditation perfection? NOT…This is work, and work is hard..Hopefully with a bit of self-acceptance, you’ll give yourself a break and recognize you’re just a struggling pilgrim.

The practices on the Audio and Video pages are of two types: The audios offer you a chance to watch the mental dance you often engage in with no awareness. Then you’ll be in a position to use the same creative inventions of the mind to focus your attention down into the musculature that is engaged during asana. You’ll learn to use your limitations as your teacher, rather than trying to overpower them.

The videos are taken from Chapter 17 (Lie Down and Get Personal) which offers a complete Bed Yoga practice, & Chapter 18 (Bend It, Wiggle It, Let It Move) which looks at how the relationship of hips to spine and shoulders to spine often mucks up your attempts to look really cool while doing asana.

All of these practices give you a chance to actually feel and change (if appropriate) what is going on in your body, as opposed to encouraging you to struggle to achieve some “idealized” form.

The irony is if you do these practices regularly, you just might get more flexible and look more like the pictures on the yoga calenders when you’re done! But regardless of how you look, you’ll feel a lot better about your yoga.

“You think too much, that is your trouble.
Clever people and grocers, they weigh everything.”
—Nikos Kazanzakis, Zorba the Greek