Praise for the Book

“This book has great advice for those walking the spiritual path, and better yet, it is filled with the humor and playfulness that are essential for the journey. Western yogis need this book. Enlighten up! “

~ Wes “Scoop” Nisker
Humorist, Dharma Teacher and Author of Crazy Wisdom


“The Yoga of Self-Acceptance combines findings from neuroscience, physiology and scientific studies of mindfulness with traditional teachings of yoga to remind us that the body doesn’t lie. Tony Wolff presents a new perspective on Americans’ drive to progress and succeed. This book is a must for any yoga practitioner, beginner or expert alike.”

~ Sandra Blakeslee
New York Times Science Writer and Co Author, The Body has a Mind of its Own


“Tony Wolff has made superb use of his knowledge of philosophy, psychology, and spirituality to create a very accessible book on yoga as a medium for transformation. This is a truly useful handbook for yoga practitioners, teachers, and all those seeking to increase their body-mind consciousness.”

~ David Richo, Author:
When the Past is Present, How to Be and Adult in Relationships, & Wisdom’s Way.


“Wolff’s inquiry into the state of contemporary yoga practice is remarkably refreshing. This book takes us on a tour of the underbelly of yoga practiced in this country, encouraging us to look more carefully and with greater sensitivity at the agendas and expectations we bring to the mat. The insights Wolff provides will leave all who traverse the paths of yoga feeling less driven and more at ease on their journey.”

~ Tias Little: Director & Teacher Prajna Yoga,  Author of  Thread of Breath.


“Tony Wolff’s The Yoga of Self-Acceptance provides a much-needed antidote to modern yoga’s often aggressive and self-critical approach to practice. It’s essential message can be summed up simply as: BE HAPPY BE YOURSELF.”

~Richard Rosen
Co-Owner, Piedmont Yoga Center; Author of Yoga of the Breath, Pranayama, Beyond the Basics, & Yoga over 50.



“This is a sincere and heartfelt book, which beautifully expresses the self- healing power of Yoga. Tony Wolff reminds us to go inside, to trust and accept ourselves. This is an essential step on the path to inner peace. I recommend The Yoga of Self Acceptance to anyone who is on a path of self-love and acceptance as an affirmation of their journey and wonderful source of inspiration.”

~Saul David Raye
Yoga Teacher
Director, Ritam Healing Arts


“Slowing down allowed me to notice all these fascinating feelings and sensations happening inside my body — pleasant and unpleasant.
As I stayed present with my physical body and all of its sensations, it became a training ground for me to stay and be present with emotional issues as well.”
—Jill Satterfield